Customised Cover Letter

A well-written customised cover letter can make the difference between your application being tagged for further scrutiny and short-listing rather than being rejected.

Professional recruiters and agency staff may spend less than a minute during their initial screening of job applicants to select a handful of candidates that merit further investigation. It is important therefore that what you say in your cover letter 'is of note' and attracts the recruiter's attention. 

It needs to be tailored to the position and highlight the reasons why you can do the job well and be selected for interview. Strive consultants will do this for you, improving the chance that your application will stand out.

Generic cover letters may be discarded if the impression is given that they are part of multiple job applications. However, clients may well feel sufficiently confident to ‘tweak’ a customised cover letter to meet the requirements of similar jobs in their chosen field.

Strive consultants are here to help and advise at all times.