Your LinkedIn Profile


The Strive LinkedIn writing service ensures that your on-line resume has a strong presence.  A new LinkedIn profile or rewrite should catch the eye of recruiters and headhunters and enable you to forge new connections with fellow workers and professionals in your industry.

The Benefits

LinkedIn reported in 2015 more than 400 million users in over 200 countries. 7 million Australians have LinkedIn accounts out of a working population of just under 12 million. If you do not have an up-to-date, optimised, on-line resume on LinkedIn then your chances of finding a new job, or switching careers, are curtailed significantly.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn personal profile include:

  • Networking with other people in your trade or profession;
  • Being targeted by employment agencies, recruiters and headhunters;
  • Enabling the LinkedIn search algorithm to match your skills and experience with vacant positions;
  • Following companies that you’d like to work for and gaining insights into key projects and developments;
  • Staying in professional contact with previous work colleagues;
  • Keeping up-to-date with contemporary work and management initiatives through LinkedIn ‘Pulse’ articles.

Our Service

Face-to-face interviews are offered for locally based clients

Face-to-face interviews are offered for locally based clients

We offer a bespoke service to create an optimised LinkedIn profile whether you are at the early stages of your career, a senior executive or at a point in between.

Our fee structure is scaled according to whether we have prepared a physical resume for you before, in which case the data has been collated and checked and can be uploaded on-line onto Linked In.

If an existing LinkedIn profile has been written, then our consultants can assess this and amend and improve this when appropriate. Passwords will be changed with your agreement in order to maintain security. Depending on the quality of your existing on-line resume it is sometimes easier for Strive consultants to ‘start from scratch’ rather than make multiple edits.

Irrespective of our clients’ professional experience and status, everyone will receive:

  • A keyword optimised profile that highlights your strengths and achievements;
  • Higher rankings on LinkedIn to make you more visible to recruiters and employers;
  • A list of suggested industry groups to help you grow your network and make new contacts;
  • Tips and advice on how to use LinkedIn to maximise your on-line presence

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