At Strive our experienced mentor encourages clients to reflect on their own professional experience as well as providing thought-provoking and innovative solutions to day-to-day professional challenges that may be impeding progress and success.

Mentoring: At Whatever Level You Are

The professional relationship developed between an experienced Strive mentor and the mentee, or protégé as they are sometimes known, is often mutually beneficial and dynamic. The mentoring process is always supportive and non-hierarchical in nature; this is not always the case with coaching provided in the work place from a colleague or line manager. 

Our approach ensures that the guidance provided is more readily interpreted, absorbed and applied by the mentee. Strive mentors also act in a listening capacity and as a critical friend.

Testing the advice provided is encouraged so that mentees feel a sense of ownership of the solutions and strategies that have been suggested.


Mentoring Fosters Strong, Interlinked and Trusting Relationships

Mentoring Fosters Strong, Interlinked and Trusting Relationships

Early Career

One strand of the mentoring service provided is to help young people at the early stage of their careers.  As a guide this is for clients aged between 20-35. Goals are self-determined according to the mentees' particular needs.

Support and advice have focused on business development reviews for Start Ups; technological and social media innovations; marketing reviews, and critiques to improve the effectiveness and impact of written and verbal communication.

Nutting out strategies and solutions

Nutting out strategies and solutions

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Mid-Career to Executive Level

Strive senior consultants have first-hand practical experience of the joys and challenges of middle and senior management roles and leading teams of people with diverse talents. Prospective clients who aspire to be an executive will be able draw upon our senior consultants' leadership training expertise, learn about the importance of soft skills in the workplace, and share practical strategies in motivating staff and resolving tensions.

How It Works

Mentoring can be arranged face-to-face in Brisbane or through technological means via Skype video or Face Time. The minimum mentoring block recommended is four sessions in order to build a relationship and make a meaningful impact. The fee is $300.

Some clients continue to consult Strive mentors on an ad hoc basis for longer periods, such is the value placed on the advice provided.

Client Feedback

David is an experienced leader and educator whose vast wealth of knowledge is of considerable benefit to those around him. His great ability to pass on his expertise to others and provide ongoing support as a mentor and advisor stems from his genuine desire to help others and see them do well. David is well versed in a broad range of topics from technology, to social media, to history and the arts, and this provides for some very interesting and intellectual conversation. He has helped me with my business in many ways: critiquing a newly developed app; mapping out strategic and prioritised goals and editing professional opinion pieces.
I highly recommend David to anyone whether looking for advice, some inspiration or a sincere listener to provide some good honest feedback. David is very approachable and easy to get along with, which, coupled with a good sense of humour, makes him a great person to be around, and a valuable mentor for anyone looking for genuine support.
Danni Whittaker (Director and Developer of the FitMeet App)
David is a truly inspirational person. His understanding of a wide range of subjects including science, natural history, the environment and sustainability is outstanding and I am convinced that everyone can learn from him and benefit from his knowledge.
He is such a helpful and cheerful individual. David has willingly and promptly shared his knowledge and life wisdom, which I always highly regard, whenever I needed advice or an opinion. He has been mentoring me in project development and setting up my social enterprise, which has been highly successful ever since.
His competency as a writer and editor in helping me to refine the quality of my writing ready for publication is literally outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend David to other people because of his reliability, highly professional attitude and broad knowledge and experience. On a personal note David is such a beautiful soul and always a pleasure to deal with.

        Roman Spur (Sustainable Design Engineer & Founder of Spurtopia)