How Strive Can Help

Our senior consultants have first-hand experience of delivering highly effective presentations and speeches.  We can help you craft your presentation for the next big occasion, whether it is a business Powerpoint, a conference or seminar paper or a wedding speech.

Speech Writing

Effective communication is an art form. It can take years to refine so that what you say and write is persuasive and makes a memorable impact.

Strive consultants can help you achieve your communication objectives, irrespective of your level of skill. We refine important business and seminar presentations and critique your presentation style which we observe and provide feedback on.

We also edit wedding speeches or write these from scratch depending on your particular needs.

Support can be provided face-to-face for locally based clients or through Skype video for clients living elsewhere.

Fees are quoted according to the nature and scope of the job required.

Presentation Advice

A related service is helping to build client's confidence and effectiveness in delivering what they have written or compiled for a speech or presentation.  Strive senior consultants have extensive expertise in this field.

Clients can receive feedback one-on-one in person, or deliver their practice speech 'live' via Skype video, or upload a recording of a speech using a smart phone.

The feedback provided is diagnostic and supportive and includes guidance on voice projection, intonation and body language.

Ring us to discuss your needs and we will prepare a quote for you.

Client Feedback

"David is an authentic, highly knowledgeable and truly inspirational speaker and educator. I have had the privilege to know David through Toastmasters. He has helped me refine my speeches and develop confident stagecraft skills.
In his presentations David never ceases to captivate his audience by articulate storytelling and taking us on a vivid journey, educating on a wide variety of subjects and always encouraging new members to do well.
David is not only a highly articulate speaker with a wealth of knowledge and experience but he is also a great coach who successfully mentors a number of people. What makes David particularly stand out is his authentic leadership skills coupled with genuine desire for people to do well and see them grow professionally and personally."

Anya Lyudmilina (Trade Marketing Coordinator)